dave chappelle chris rock

Chappelle opens ‘SNL’ skits with the black reaction to the 2016 Election.

Moments after his powerful opening monologue to kick off Saturday Night Live, Dave Chappelle officially returned to sketch comedy with a probe of Election Night 2016. If you attended a watch party with different nationalities, then you lived out what Chappelle and company gave you. In an on the nose sketch, Chappelle (later joined by Chris Rock) lament on the realities of a Trump presidency while the white people in the room are still hopeful for Hillary.

When things conclude and it’s evident that Trump will become the 45th President of the United States, one partygoer offers a comparison that leave Rock & Chappelle howling in laughter. Donald Trump being elected President is not the most shameful thing in American history. You can’t get away saying that one while black people are still in the room.