dave chappelle snl

Chappelle delivers a monologue that was necessary as it was bitingly funny.

Dave Chappelle hosting Saturday Night Live is a fever dream in itself. The 43-year-old comedian hasn’t done anything on network television since leaving his show in 2005. Yet eleven years later, here Chappelle was in classic Chappelle’s Show regalia (peep the jacket) delivering a monologue that seemed fitting for either HBO or Comedy Central, not 30 Rock. Chappelle managed to not only slide in the N-word, both the -a and -er versions but also President-elect Donald Trump’s favorite P-word.

Will NBC eat up some FCC fines thanks to Chappelle’s monologue? Probably. Will they care? Definitely not. Chappelle on SNL will no doubt result with the highest ratings for SNL in years. In true Chappelle nature, the monologue doubled as both pointed and hilarious. He took circular observations about the Pulse nightclub shooting, Harambe, Black Lives Matter vs. Blue Lives Matter and more. It was necessary, and for a while – it gave America the first bit of time we could laugh as a whole.

Yes, the country has been in a weird, bleak position since Tuesday night. Chappelle managed to bring us back to a far happier time, when he was the most famous comedian in America. And we could laugh at racism, unknowable circumstances and the days to come.