The Walking Dead & Chappelle Show participate in the ultimate crossover.

Tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live felt like the true series finale of Chappelle’s Show. Just as Chappelle found time to skewer The Real World and other shows of the day, the comedic genius found a way to tie a cult phenomenon in The Walking Dead to his own world.

The end result? Chappelle playing Negan in a scene reminiscent of TWD’s new big bad killing two people with Lucielle. Instead of it being Rick & company getting their collective fears gathered for a national TV audience, it was an all-star of Chappelle’s Show characters. Silky Johnson, Tyrone Biggums, Lil’ Jon, Clayton Bigsby & more. Complete with Bubble Gum Rhyme, Chappelle pulls off a pretty decent Jeffrey Dean Morgan impersonation. How does Silky Johnson take to all of this? The same as he did with any Player’s Hater Ball sketch. Silky tells Negan, “Your face looks like Fonzie made the Negro Leagues.”