Uncovering the Houston based singer’s long-slept on EP.

If Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” has taught us anything – some singles are either great out of the gate or slowly grow upon you. The Ear Drummer brothers haven’t had a problem with hot singles. R&B on the other hand, it takes time for certain records to destroy the world. Recall how long it took Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t” to evolve from Soundcloud mainstay to radio staple? Exactly.

Angelo Dorsey is an R&B singer maybe in name but definitely not demeanor. As the scope of a singer continues to grow larger with hip-hop’s large influence, Dorsey sings and raps with a detailed falsetto. It’s low and breathy, perfectly built around vocals that assure his impending dominance and swollen confidence. His Highlights EP, which boasts a rather unusual 13-tracks for an EP sports more than a few ear worm style singles. “Stay” is the biggest among them.

“I can’t waste my time…”

Backed by SuperProducerTA’s flip of Jodeci’s 1993 classic, Dorsey’s take on “Stay” also packs on a little bit of Aaliyah’s “One In A Million”. Yet, Dorsey makes certain that even though the ’90s influence drips all over the single, it belongs to him and him alone. While Jodeci’s original was built upon building a bond, Dorsey cuts up with a ton of come ons and slow jam approved sexuality.

Drunk and intoxicated off love, loss and even a bit of sex in-between, Highlights offers a lot of Angelo Dorsey that grows on you. The SoundMOB produced “LWYMMD” speaks to getting drunk and hitting the TL to project all your feelings. Dorsey relapses in love, even the unhealthy aspects of a potential breakup. Then again, it’s almost a cause/effect moment due to him preaching earlier, “Don’t Fall In Love” with sex. Or any bit of materialism.

The more Dorsey grows as an artist, the more range he’ll add to his catalog and songwriting. Highlights is seeped in Houston production, thanks to SoundMOB, GNB, June James & more. The best way to go about it with Dorsey? Realize that he believes in himself and the non-traditional aspect of R&B these days. There are ballads but then there’s arguing with emotions with a hardened approach. The Highlights intro is chief of this – built around distorted vocals of various breakups. Sometimes, chasing happiness for self is far better than figuring out if you can instill it in someone else.

Stream Dorsey’s long, mood ready Highlights EP below.