BeatKing cares not for political correctness on his latest track.

Despite what side of the fence you sit on with the 2016 Presidential Election results, BeatKing is here to cheer you up. Or, remind you that he’s a comedian who is also a polymath who can also deliver an awkwardly great Obama impersonation. “You Going Back To Africa” is the Club God’s Donald Trump election song. And while it’s not a song praising Trump at all, its essentially BeatKing highlighting every single terrible thing about Trump that still got him elected President. BeatKing can’t help himself but laugh at his own jokes towards the end. “You call her Headphanie? I grab her by the p*ssy,” he raps on the freestyle.

“On some real shit though, it’s all fucked up now,” he says at the end of the track. “Like, this n*gga won. Kinda gotta laugh to keep from crying & shit.”

Hear “You Going Back To Africa” below. The self-proclaimed Club Godzilla has already prepared his next moves after this. Soon fans will get the third Gangsta Stripper Music tape as well as TexAtlanta 2.