“I bought my b*tch a Rollie/ now I got these hoes jealous! (Yea, yea!)/ If we go our separate ways, then you might as well sell it!…”

Since being released from jail, it seems Gucci Mane has been making up for lost time and then some, releasing two albums – Everybody Looking and WOPTOBER – over the past five months. If Guwop wanted to stop, he could. He could very easily retire to the shadows and save some of his energy of 2017.

But Gucci keeps rolling. And his fans continue to reap the benefits of his dedicated grind.

On Wednesday night, Gucci Mane took to Twitter to unveil “Floor Seats,” a brand new collaboration with Quavo of The Migos. With Honorable C-Note on the beat, Guwop boasts and brags about how his riches put him in all the right places, even comparing himself to Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway. “Floor Seats” is a marriage of the ignorant and the triumphant, and every single second of its four-minute run length will have listeners jigging along. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a single artwork that has Gucci putting Brandon Knight on a poster.

Quavo deserves some credit, too. The Migos member has put a stamp on the second half of 2016 all his own, what with a cameo appearance on the hit FX TV show Atlanta. Quavo’s ad-libs alongside Guwop on “Floor Seats” add even more energy to an already hype track; and it gives the Atlanta rapper his second solid feature appearance in as many weeks (he and Gucci Mane connected last week, as well, on “Good Drank” off 2Chainz’s Hibachi for Lunch project. Is Quavo laying a foundation to eat good in 2017? It certainly sounds like it.

Hear Gucci Mane and Quavo’s “Floor Seats” collab for yourself down below.