lita styles force

The Milky Wayv seductress shares a brand new single.

Lita Styles’ Milky Wayv debut “Outspace” dripped in call backs to ’80s R&B group the Mary Jane Girls and modern terrestrial love. “Force”, her collaboration with Brice Blanco brings everything back down to Earth in a crass yet organic sort of way. Bobby Earth’s beat for “Force” sounds as if it were made in an echo chamber, bottomed out drums, skittering snares. Styles’ voice rides a few timbers but not to Earth shattering levels while Brice Blanco punctuates a come on to a young woman, “My face got a seat just for you,” he muses. “Taking all my energy but I got more to outsource.”

“Your hands, my waist, sweet taste,” Styles sings in a staccato. As her voices embers out along the bass line, her yearning for love and affection rises even more. Stream “Force” from the Milky Wayv member & Brice Blanco below.

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