De’Wayne Jackson returns to his grandmother’s house for his latest video.

De’Wayne Jackson’s first impression to the world was being a spastic, constantly moving Houston rap act. He performed at Warehouse Live and other local venues with his limbs doing as much moving as his mouth. It paid off in terms of unique look for the kid and last year, he packed up and went West. Partnering with All Def Digital, Jackson reveals the video for “Never Change”. Produced by Tha Bizness, Jackson switches his tone up all throughout as the various important figures of his life move in & out of his grandmother’s house.

“I just wanna save the kids & that’s real,” he raps on “Never Change”. Looking back at your formative years has always been a pretty good rap trope. Jackson, bushy haired and still very bright eyed walks through the house with the anxiousness of a kid wanting Saturday morning cartoons. Take it all in for yourself and watch De’Wayne Jackson’s “Never Change” video below.