Mike Dean, the Houston production yeoman gives us a little history.

A Mike Dean Nardwuar interview is necessary if you call yourself a fan of Houston rap. Or knowledgable of Dean’s work with Scarface’s The Diary. In his current life, Dean is the guy behind the boards for Kanye West and Travis Scott. Pulp Fiction had Winston Wolf, hip-hop has Mike Dean.

Dean’s a weed smoking savant, the proud owner of a bird trained to steal weed. Nardwuar happens to bring up some of the skeletal notes about Dean. How he, N.O. Joe & Scarface helped bring the creeping, organ based Southern church sound to rap. Or how 5th Ward Juveniles & The Def Squad became one of the very first groups Dean produced for. There’s also a small anecdote about Dean producing his first Rap-A-Lot record, “The Big Payback” for Kim Davis aka Choice. In the same studio that night? Pimp C & Bun B.

“I came up in Third Ward, that’s where I played music at,” Dean tells Nardwuar after a question about naming his favorite ward in the city. He recalls the Rhinestone Wrangler, one of the early chill spots in Houston and how things have improved. “The weed’s better, computers better…” The actual fun aspect about Mike Dean’s interview? He’s an admitted country fan from Nelson all the way to Waylon Jennings.

Want a quick refresher on Dean? Watch his 10-minute Nardwuar interview below.

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