guardians of the galaxy vol 2 crop

Time to dance with the Guardians of the Galaxy again.

The biggest surprise of the Marvel Studios release schedule two years ago came with Guardians Of The Galaxy. The first Marvel property that didn’t have anything to do with the principle members of the Avengers, the film made bank at the box office and made Chris Pratt a superstar. Now the gang’s all back together and even have a few new cast members (Kurt Russell!) for their latest go round.

Guardians director James Gunn dropped the lead poster and teaser trailer for the upcoming film and much like the first, it’s soundtracked to Blue Swede’s “Hooked On A Feeling”. Drax The Destroyer (Dave Bautista) has a zen like moment with the trailer’s lead sentence: “There are two types of beings in the universe: those who dance and those who don’t.” It of course leads to an awkward exchange between he & Peter Quill (Pratt) and it’s hilarious of course.

The teaser trailer also gives us a glimpse of Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and adorable baby Groot (Vin Diesel). On the poster, Yondu (Michael Rooker) and Gamora (Karen Gillan) join our crew which definitely doesn’t give us anything in regards to storyline or plot. Which, is exactly what a teaser trailer should do. Watch it below and be prepared, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters May 5, 2017.