propain straight up menace

Propain pays homage to a MC Eiht classic.

Propain’s “Straight Up Menace” follows a similar theme of his “Married To The Game” & “Pressure” tracks. “Pressure” put a magnifying glass up to the world and “Married To The Game” bemoaned baby mama issues. “Straight Up Menace” still offers a middle finger up to Donald Trump, much like “Pressure” did but it only comes at the end refrain. Pro spends most of his time over the MC Eiht classic made famous from the Menace II Society soundtrack telling a tale about a life gone left.

Ramen noodle dinners, high school dropout, selling rocks to see a bigger knot. There’s a touch of reality and consequence to “Straight Up Menace”. As Pro takes his protagonist through the highs of adulation by women who used to pass him by, he also waxes on life sentences and more. There’s no good end for a Menace. Either you turn into Caine trying to do right or end up like Pernell, locked up. Or worse.

Just don’t be Chauncey. Play “Straight Up Menace” from Propain & DJ Young Samm below.