paull walll han solo on 4s

Paul Wall showcases his slab and then some in his “Han Solo On 4’s” video.

The greatest thing about “Han Solo On 4s” as a song and video is that it sticks to what it is. Paul Wall has been living the type of life that affords plenty of Houston rap elder-statesmen. He’s found his second calling as an artist who can still bring together humorous lines from his younger Swishahouse days and merge that with country rap tune soul. “Han Solo On 4’s” has both – disgustingly funny lines (“car so pretty it forced a homeless dude to beat his meat”) and a bit of charm. The Michael Artis directed clip barely features Paul in it, instead opting to focus on two red slabs traversing through Houston. Wall works the wheel throughout as Dante Higgins can tell you – Paul takes his slab everywhere.

Paul’s new album, The Houston Oiler arrives next Friday, October 21. Check out the artwork and tracklist below.

paul wall the houston oiler

PAUL WALL, The Houston Oiler Tracklist
01. Money Don’t Make Me (prod. June James)
02. Hustle Like a MF (prod. 5ive9 & Kez Jonez)
03. Thangz Are Crazy (feat. Z-Ro) (prod. Mouse on Tha Track)
04. Caught Ya Lookin (prod. 5ive9)
05. Han Solo on 4s (prod. 5ive9)
06. Millionaire Dreams (prod. Scoop Deville)
07. Why Is That (prod. June James)
08. Dying Breed (prod. Traxamillion)
09. Mike Dean (prod. June James)
10. Save Me From Myself (ft. J-Dawg) (prod. 5ive9)
11. Headed 2 The Country (feat. Rich The Factor) (prod. 5ive9)
12. Holdin, Comin Diine (prod. 5ive9)
13. Showroom Ready (feat. Le$) (prod. 5ive9)
14. Real Shit, Fake People (prod. June James)
15. Stop Cryin, Start Prayin (prod. June James)
16. Swanging In the Rain Muddmix (feat. Slim Thug, Lil Keke, J-Dawg, Z-Ro, Chamillionaire) (prod. Scoop Deville)