Genesis Iver continues the trend of ’90s R&B homages.

Genesis Iver has undergone a bit of a change since he first showed up about a year ago. He dabbled in the same pool of anarchy and low-fi, yet edgy production that became nouveau in rap. That sentiment may still be buried inside of him but what he’s presented recently? All R&B, and the kind of R&B that marries the hardened, flippancy of youth with a little melody.

Take for example “Come Over”, the latest single from Iver’s collection since “Forbidden Fruit”. Lifting a bit from Aaliyah (and Drake, which is pretty ironic), Iver toys around with common concepts of flirtation and bedding the woman of his desires. Thing is, he’s more asking as opposed to demanding. It’s sweet, in a ’90s homage kind of way. Watch the video below.