virtual reality caravan

Day & A Dream EIC Brandon Caldwell joins the Virtual Reality Caravan for Episode XI.

The Virtual Reality Caravan podcast does its best to broaden their discussion topics. Whatever comes to mind, the T.H.E.M crew will speak on it. Such became the case with this week’s episode. Solange’s A Seat At The Table officially debuted as the No. 1 album in the country last week. Nate Parker’s The Birth Of A Nation opened amid a summer’s worth of controversy.

Now, both topics don’t necessarily bleed into one another but they’re worth discussing. So for Episode XI, T.H.E.M. brought on our own Brandon Caldwell to not only discuss the film but also Solange’s new album and more. As you may expect, the Birth Of A Nation section was discussed the heaviest but things lightened up in breaking down the upcoming winter movie preview.

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