Gucci Mane’s WOPTOBER project arrives four days ahead of its initial “10/17” release date.

Post-bid Gucci is the gift that keeps on giving. He emerged from behind bars earlier this year and released a song within hours, and that hunger has seemingly stayed with the man born Radric Davis ever since.

The summer brought us Everybody Looking; and now the fall/just-before-winter, brings WOPTOBER. Though the project was announced to land on October 17th, Gucci did his fans a solid, and pushed the album’s release up to arrive just in time for the weekend.

Guwop’s second release of 2016 clocks in at thirteen tracks deep and has far fewer guest appearances, with only Rick Ross and Young Dolph as features. But this isn’t “Gucci Home” or “At Least An M,” Gucci. No, the fare on WOPTOBER is far grittier. The rapper said so himself –

Propelled forward by lead singles “Bling Blaww Burr” and “Icy Lil B*tch,” WOPTOBER‘s very different tone is apparent from its opening track “F*ck 12,” onto which Gucci slides right into the beat and brags on himself while cursing the police. “The Left” is sinister yet irresistible. The one-two punch of “Wop” into “Right on Time” revives Gucci’s The State vs. Radric Davis flow. And, as I type this, there are a number of women in their mirrors right now twerking to the Rick Ross collab and future shake joint staple of the winter “Money Machine.” If nothing else, WOPTOBER is reassuring to fans who may have assumed clean and sober Gucci was brand new. You can take the man out of the trap, but you can’t take the trap out of the man

Stream Gucci Mane’s WOPtober project for yourself down below, by way of Apple Music. WOPtober is out now on iTunes.

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