J.U.S Lyric issues a wake-up call with “Lil Black Boy” single.

Tensions have been especially high between Black people and law enforcement in 2016, and that has prompted a number of artists to speak out through their music. Houston-hailing emcee J.U.S Lyric becomes the latest to do so by way of his newest single, “Lil’ Black Boy.” From the minute the track opens, with the sounds of police sirens and the shuffling feet and labored breathing of someone on the run, it’s clear that this is a far cry from the rapper’s “Happy Hour” fare.

“At the beginning, I’m running as a child,” J.U.S Lyric told Day & A Dream about the track. “I don’t understand why I’m being chased by the police, but I run into my present self and tell the younger me to run for his life. By the second verse, I’m still running – but this time I’m older and I see everything happening around me. I feel it now… I know of their hypocrisy and how they will still beat us regardless of how good our intentions are.”

Austin-based producer TrigaFTW is on the boards for Lyric’s “Lil Black Boy,” layering a haunting beat over which the rapper delivers his rhymes with a mix of wisdom and urgency. Without warning, the self-proclaimed “Twisted Lyricist” drops the listener into that constant paranoia and mistreatment many Black men in America face on a daily basis. So when J.U.S says lines like “He cracked the window, told me stay in my place,” it hits home – because if it didn’t happen to someone you know, then it possibly happened to you.

Stream J.U.S Lyric’s haunting “Lil Black Boy” single  for yourself down below. Lyric’s The Year of MADNESS project, on which “Lil Black Boy” appears, is due out October 24th.