A week ahead of Woptober, Gucci Mane drops his next Ratchet Anthem in the Making with “Icy Lil B*tch.”

There were no ratchet anthems on Everybody Looking

True, there were many who looked forward to Gucci Mane’s first post-prison release LP, and the album did not disappoint – Radric Davis was clearly in a happier, healthier place, and it showed in the music itself. But for the people who stood alongside Guwop for tracks like “I Think I Love Her” and “So Icy,” the closest thing to any of those on Everybody Looking was the Kanye West-assisted “P*ssy Print.”

But maybe that’s what Woptober is for. Gucci’s second (!) retail project of 2016 is due out next week, and it might satiate the call of the wild in his fans if its second single, “Icy Lil B*tch,” is any indication.

Recruiting Zaytoven on the beat, Gucci relies on a simple hook and flow to carry “Icy Lil B*tch” forward for its 2:45 run-length. If lead single “Bling Blaww Burr” with Young Dolph was a bit more scaled-back instrumentally, then “Icy Lil B*tch” is its untamed cousin – a track on which Gucci compares the titular type of woman to Madonna, calls her pretty but swears “her mouth is so nasty,” and even praises her Patron tolerance (accompanied by THE universally-recognizable hoodrat laugh). Is “Icy Lil B*tch” Gucci Mane’s next ratchet classic in the making? It’s too early to call – but expect “sophistiratchets” everywhere to adopt it as their fall anthem.

Take a listen to Gucci Mane’s “Icy Lil B*tch” track for yourself up top. Guwop’s Woptober tape is slated to touch down on Monday, October 17th (10/17, of course).