power rangers trailer

Power Rangers hits the big screen next year.

New York City Comic-Con has already given us a brief tease of the upcoming War For The Planet of The Apes. Now it’s given us perhaps the most surprising gift of all – a honest to God great Power Rangers teaser. We’ve known about the film for quite sometime with Elizabeth Banks starring as Rita Repulsa. And Bryan Cranston as Zordon. And Bill Hader as Alpha. The cast pretty much had us sold upon the skepticism. The trailer itself? Even more shocking.

The first scenes of Power Rangers shows our new bunch of Rangers as a multi-ethnic version of The Breakfast Club. Billy (RJ Cyler) gets bullied, Kimberly (Naomi Scott) gets ridiculed for her looks, Jason (Dacre Montgomery) is a misunderstood kid. All of them hit Saturday detention at Angel Grove High School and thanks to their own curiosity, eventually wind up fused with supernatural powers.

That power apparently arms them to do battle with Banks’ Rita Repulsa who ditches all of the camp of the original TV series and instead gloats about killing former Rangers. Although there’s no glimpse of Zordon or Alpha 5, we do get a suit tease courtesy of Jason. Looks like the producers and director opted for a far more gritty, teen novel approach to Power Rangers. Which equals a money machine going off in the heads of Lionsgate execs & more.