You can’t resist the groove in Bruno Mars’s new solo single, “24K Magic.”

Bruno Mars doesn’t need Mark Ronson to make “magic.” Granted, the two crafted a certifiable, undeniable banger last year in “Uptown Funk,” a song whose run was so impressive it carried Mars all the way up to the Super Bowl Halftime Show alongside Beyonce and Coldplay.

But now the Doo-Woppin’ Hooligan is back on his solo tip, as he’s dropped a brand new single entitled “24K Magic.” That’s not just the title of Mars’s single, either – it’s apparently the title track for Bruno’s junior LP, slated to arrive November 18th. November may seem far away, but “24K Magic” should make the wait at least a little bearable.

Meshing old-school, Parliament Funkadelic-esque synthesizer grooves with Mars’ contemporary melody, “24K Magic” is maybe the funkiest song about stunting you’ll ever hear. No, “24K Magic” isn’t for the broke bois. It’s for the ballers, the people who come out in their freshest and flyest for any given function, the people who aren’t afraid to “spend your money like money ain’t sh*t” to use Bruno’s words. But you don’t have to be rich to get down to “24K Magic.” It’s a damn good, infectious track – and if it doesn’t hook you in its first two minutes, the breakdown at 2:50 has to be heard to be believed. In fact, “24K Magic” could’ve (and SHOULD’VE) ended with that breakdown all the way to the outro.

Stream Bruno Mars’s groovy new single for yourself down below and grab “24K Magic” off iTunes now. As an added bonus, you can watch Bruno Mars and his crew ball out all over Vegas by way of “24K Magic’s” official music video down below, as well, which Mars directed himself alongside Cameron Duddy.