DJ AudiTory gives Mac Miller’s The Divine Feminine the Chop Theory treatment.

Good things happen when DJ AudiTory chops your album. It might seem like that’s coming from a place of bias, but it’s the truth. His Chop Theory series, within which he chops & screws the year’s biggest music releases, speaks for itself. The most recent example of that? Tory’s take on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s P3 album.

Mac Miller’s recent LP The Divine Feminine is the latest inductee into DJ AudiTory’s Chop Theory series. Miller’s rap album infused with soul was already “divine” on its own, but DJ AudiTory’s version might be something special.

The most obvious beneficiary of AudiTory’s chops is lead single “Dang!.” In AudiTory’s hands, it becomes a Blaxploitation theme song with its horns emphasized and Tory stretching out Anderson .Paak’s soulful hook. It’s not just “Dang!” that gets a fresh remake: its horns segue nicely into “Stay,” which evolves into a perfectly sizzurp slow love song once the 1:20 mark hits; most love songs you don’t dab to, but the purpled up version of  “Stay” might make that necessary.

“Soulmate” embodies the kind of “trapsoul” Bryson Tiller wishes he could create. And if C&S songs could be added to a reception playlist, Tory’s one-two punch of the Cee-Lo Green-featured “We” and “My Favorite Part” with Ariana Grande would be undeniable essentials. But perhaps the greatest feat of the Chop Theory take on The Divine Feminine? AudiTory extending the Ty Dolla $ign collaboration “Cinderella” to ten minutes in length… and not a single second is worth skipping.

Stream DJ AudiTory’s C&S version of Mac Miller’s The Divine Feminine for yourself via the DJ’s website. Download it for the free here.