EDF channels his inner Yungstar on his new single, “Down The Block,” produced by Mike Red.

When 2016 is all said and done, EDF intends to have dropped three different projects. The Bless The Fresh affiliate and Houston rapper has been extremely productive, with two EPs to show for it (January’s Ingomar Way and March’s Purple Session). Now, despite having spent much of the last few months on the road, EDF has one more EP on the way, slated to titled Be Right Back.

“Down The Block (Beatin’)” serves as Be Right Back’s first single, a three-minute track that’s smooth enough to just let ride but whose instrumental is trunk-thumping enough to bless a set of ‘woofers. That’s largely in part due to multi-talented rapper-producer Mike Red on the boards (who’s also been busy in 2016, having dropped his Fortunate album and linked up with Rai P on 2KUSH16the sequel to their 2KUSH15 tape).

If the track’s hook sounds familiar, it’s because EDF drew inspiration from the O.G.’s. The emcee insists that it’s a “dedication to S.U.C. Yungstar’s ‘Knocking Pictures Off the Wall’“; except where Yungstar’s version was rowdy, “Down The Block” is more laid-back. That doesn’t make it any less gritty, as EDF raps about rolling dice, drank man delivery, and having a woman on standby for an hours’ long “couch session.” The only thing that might make “Down The Block” harder than it already is? Being chopped and screwed.

Stream EDF’s “Down The Block (Beatin’)” single for yourself down below. The Houston emcee’s Be Right Back project is slated to touch down before the year ends.