G.U.N, arguably Dallas’ hardest working artist, is preparing to release a new EP later this month titled GUNTALK. We’ve seen G.U.N do full projects with individual producers in the past giving them the exclusive role in producing the entire project, such as GunGotWings produced solely by Cardo. This time around, G.U.N continues to make sure his brothers eat giving full production control to producer FreebandHunter.

Set to release on October 16th, G.U.N serves us two tracks from the forthcoming GUNTALK EP. One of those being “Dumb Shit”, and the other being a more recent release, “Servin'” featuring Go Yayo, the two singles give us a hint of what’s to come. G.U.N. & Go Yayo certainly complement FreebandHunter’s production to the fullest! Check out both tracks below, and keep an eye out for GUNTALK on 10/16.

P.S. There IS a Johnny Cage remix coming for all of you wondering. Just wait on it!

You can follow G.U.N and FreebandHunter on Twitter and Soundcloud at:
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