andre 3000 decemba

André 3000 has us feeling like 2007 with all the guest appearances this year.

André 3000 really is the Dad who may not be around in your life every day but when he shows up, he’s got some of the best gifts and stories to share. For example, he sporadically showed up to crush remixes in 2007. This year alone he made a couple seismic dents in your earholes via Frank Ocean’s “Solo (Reprise)” and Travis Scott’s “the ends”. He’s set to show up somewhere on Kid Cudi’s upcoming Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ and earlier this week he jumped on Divine Council’s “Decemba” for a little remix.

How did André Benjamin find the Virginia based Divine Council? And in particular $ilk Money? That doesn’t matter. Dre just shows up to give the youth a little bit of love. Or completely overshadow them, either or. But that’s what cool Dad’s do. Whatever fort you’ve built for your kids, here he comes with a literal fortress complete with all the snacks & refreshments. André 3000 could show up on a record about moving packs in the winter and twist it into his own story. $ilk Money goes for broke with his lead verse, fully aware of the moment at hand. But, as great as his opening salvo is, Dre’s just different.

“Hold that bitch down like a gurney
Hypothermia, deep ocean journey
And something turning green
Warning, warning
I woke up in the morning
My clothes are torn, shred to pieces, purple pants Narnia
Hard to find even in California
I was hornier
Than Incredible Hulk in a federal coat
While the deputy spoke”

André Benjamin stays out of the limelight long enough for us to miss them. Then when he shows up, we never want him to leave. Enjoy Divine Council’s “Decemba” remix with 3 Stacks closing things out. Purchase the single on iTunes now. As a bonus, check their “P. Sherman (PS42WW$)” below.