Though not quite a soundtrack, The Birth of A Nation: Inspired By Album is music for a revolution.

Next Friday, Nate Parker’s The Birth of Nation film will release nationwide. The film – Parker’s passion project which he both stars and directs, and whose creation he financed almost solely himself – centers on Nat Turner, a pastor-turned-leader of one of the most successful (and most brutal) slave revolts in U.S. history. It’s a very different take on the “slave narrative” based historical drama, and one which still has high awards season expectations in spite of its creator’s recent controversy.

Parker’s film seems to have inspired musicians to speak their minds, as well. As a result, The Birth of A Nation: The Inspired By Album was born. The album is an unofficial soundtrack of sorts – that is to say, much of the music on it likely won’t appear in the actual film, but the music might serve as a “companion piece” to the movie.

The Inspired By Album features various artists in rap (Killer Mike, Lil’ Wayne, Meek Mill, Nas, and even 2Chainz in a somewhat rare conscious turn on “Whip & A Chain”); R&B (K. Michelle, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, Georgia Ku on the amazing “Bloodline,” and Marsha Ambrosius)”; and even gospel (LeCrae and the Wiley College Choir) over the course of its sixteen tracks. What The Inspired By LP does, however, is take on the ambitious task of merging the secular and the spiritual. Some songs are anthemic, others are emotional; but nearly all of them have gospel undertones even as its artists swear and threaten on them. The Inspired By LP is definitely one of the biggest surprises of 2016, to say the least. But much like the film that inspires it, whether the album will truly resonate with audiences remains to be seen.

Stream The Birth of A Nation: The Inspired By Album down below for yourself, and grab the unofficial soundtrack off iTunes now. Nate Parker’s The Birth of A Nation film touches down in theaters in everywhere October 7th.