denzel washington fences

August Wilson’s iconic play gets a 2016 look from Denzel Washington & Viola Davis.

Fences, August Wilson’s 1983 play about 1950s black American life now has a trailer. And the cut of it is so good, so black, you probably shed a couple of tears about it watching Viola Davis ugly cry.

Denzel Washington & Davis star in the lead roles, reviving their 2010 adaptation of the play for which they won Tony Awards. As Troy, a former baseball player turned city garbageman, Washington’s tasked with not only continuing the dignity his name has earned him but also raise a family. In the trailer below, we see Washington deliver another one of his powerful monologues to his son Cory (Jovan Adepo) about the responsibilities of a man. The internal drama between father and son is equally shared between Troy & Rose (Davis). Washington feels low because he thinks he’s spent 18 years in one spot to which Davis counters, “I gave 18 years of my life to stand in the same spot as you!”

Give them all the Oscars now. The original play, which opened on Broadway in 1987 starred James Earl Jones, Mary Alice & Courtney B. Vance. That play earned Tony wins for Jones & Alice. Washington is directing the film adaptation of Fences and it opens Christmas Day, meaning it’ll be knee deep in Oscar contention with The Birth Of A Nation come February.