danny brown atrocity exhibition cover

Danny Brown’s no longer playing it safe with his brand new album.

I’ve seen a Danny Brown show up close and personal.

The Detroit rapper is the same guy who once got oral sex live on stage. He’s also one of the best solo artists in the country, a madman with a yelped out voice and a tongue twister of a rap style. It’s been critically acclaimed and lauded to the point where people actively clamor for new Brown music like he’s a big time artist. But Danny Brown isn’t a big time artist – yet he should be. Oddballs, especially those who discuss drug use with the type of honesty that Brown does, are champions in rap now.

Brown made trudged through, breathe in recovery music. But, he wasn’t Eminem in terms of making relapsing and recovery a sticking point in his career. Oh no. Danny Brown discussed addiction in the sort of twisted way you’d discuss your high school years. It was vibrant, it was fun, and it led to some pretty spectacular art. Even if that art was made specifically with dollar signs in mind.

Atrocity Exhibition is out now.

Atrocity Exhibition, his new album that got a sped-up release date by Brown himself, isn’t as fun as 2013’s Old was. It’s not geared towards college kids who pop plenty of pills and dance in the twilight at his shows. Not with cuts like “Really Doe” featuring an all-star cast of Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt and Ab-Soul. Not when Brown spends plenty of time on the album mixing what could be perceived as bragging moments to reveal something mundane and even simple.

Look at how the album is built just from face value. It’s named after a Joy Division song, inspired by Talking Heads and System of a Down. Atrocity is bound to its f*cked up belief and it’s a joy of a rap album. Danny compared the album to the thrill of robbing banks. High risk, higher reward.

Stream Atrocity Exhibition below via Spotify.