curtis mayz real life raps

Curtis Mayz’ real life is to see everything beyond Dallas & more.

The anger found in Curtis Mayz’ voice doesn’t come from a place of despair. Or being told no. Mayz’ twang and drive is positioned at this elevated pitch solely because he’s been swinging at every blockade for two years now. Last year, Mayz detailed lust and the exploration of life on his Black Excellence LP. He waned on about supporting his son and the child’s mother. He dreamed about riding big and riding like a coastal king. Those aspirations haven’t died in his belly, they’ve only growled louder.

Fast forward to this summer and Mayz has not only stepped forward with more focused raps but even improved sonics as well. Mayz Black Excellence may have been a mostly solo affair but his Real.Life.Raps tape allows even more members of Dallas’ hungry rap tribe to eat. Mel of The Outfit, TX, MGA CZAR, Paris Pershun, Rei Altru and Pat Ron all show up. All contribute in their own little way. Mel cranks up the blaxploitation synths and bottomed out flair for “Swangin” and Mayz parlays it into even more bounce and late night grooves for “Usually”. Curtis more often than not has gripped the grain of everything that isn’t a trap with life. However, he can’t look too far in his rearview without those traps creeping up on him.

The two opening salvos from Real.Life.Raps in “Fuck Yo Sauce” and “Pressure” illustrate where Mayz’ head is most of the time. Smoking and drinking to escape reality. Creating better relationships, shaking loose the drama and politics of the scene. If Black Excellence was about creating a score to the struggle of a father making better, Real.Life.Raps is the sequel. The father’s dreams have moved a bit further, his heads in thicker clouds of weed smoke with bigger whips and cars to parade around town in. In the world of Curtis Mayz, real life might suck at times. But daydreaming like only a Southern boy with ambition can? It’s the best possibly way out.