Two emerging Houston emcees craft a banger in Jed The Fameless’s “BoomBox,” featuring Lance Crook.

Jed The Fameless likes to call himself “the Best You Never Heard.” But with the way the Houston emcee has been releasing material this year, it’s getting harder NOT to have heard of him.

Jed can now add “consistency” to his ever-growing list of talents, as the rapper has been making the drops at a more frequent pace than ever before. Don’t mistake speed for lack of quality, however – with every song, Jed audibly gets better and better.

Look no further than “BoomBox,” the latest single from the so-called Fameless One. Over an infectious thumping beat courtesy of Goa Da Big – and additional production from Mufasa Enzor – Jed delivers his bars with the poise of a veteran, issuing warning shots at the competition (“I gave n*ggas a head start,” the rapper snarls). He even summons the spirit of Ice Cube on the track, lifting Cube’s “shake em off” mantra from “It Was a Good Day” for “BoomBox’s” bridge. Feature and fellow Houston emcee Lance Crook (aka Lord Canti, depending on the day) provides a nice assist as well, laying down a solid verse between Jed’s two. Jed and Lance say “BoomBox” is “for real n*ggas”… and there’s not a hint of fake on it.

Stream Jed The Fameless’s “BoomBox” featuring Lance Crook for yourself down below.