The October’s Very Own emcee uses VIEWS as a soundtrack for his Apple Music-exclusive short film.

When Drake first released VIEWS back in April, the album booklet’s artwork depicted the OVO artist in a series of vignette-esque, movie-like scenes: donning a fur coat while holding dogs before a snow-covered house, for example, and looking out upon a city from a rooftop. The artwork suggested that Aubrey Graham’s fifth studio album was intended to be cinematic in nature.

Whether the album itself plays out as a movie, is up to the listener. But Drake’s overall cinematic “vision” for VIEWS was further confirmed when Drake revealed on his Instagram last month that he was preparing a set of visuals entitled “Please Forgive Me,” and slated to “[feature] music from VIEWS.” Fast forward to the last week of September, and “Please Forgive Me” was released exclusively on Apple Music at about 1 AM EST Monday morning in typical Drake fashion.

In the vein of predecessors “Find Your Love” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” “Please Forgive Me” is much more movie than it is music video. Director Anthony Mandler’s twenty-minute plus film depicts Drake as a boss of sorts alongside rapper Popcaan. While Drake and his gorgeous love interest (model Fanny Neguesha, who apparently also sings) are posted up in the favelas of Soweto, South Africa, dancing along to “One Dance” amongst other revelers, Drake’s girl is approached by a strange-looking old man with an indecent proposal of sorts. Drake encourages her to take the deal, and that sets of a chain of events, involving a double cross, a shootout, a showdown, a tragedy, and, yes, Drake channeling his inner action-suspense movie star.

Eye candy purposes Creative license, of course, dictates that Drake interrupt the action for unrelated shots of Neguesha in the desert walking a cheetah and cuddling up with him in bed. But you can’t say Drizzy isn’t creative. In addition to incorporating music from VIEWS itself – including “Controlla,” “Hype,” the title track, and “Summer’s Over Interlude” – “Please Forgive Me” also features some original music courtesy of frequent Drake collaborator Noah “40” Shebib.

Watch Drake’s “Please Forgive Me” short film half-music video, half-movie for yourself now via Apple Music.