scotty atl daily bread

Scotty ATL packs his bags and moves across the world with his latest project.

Scotty ATL reps Atlanta the same way mom and pop stores rep your neighborhood. They may be overlooked for whatever reason but unlike plenty of others, they at least do things in a genuine fashion. Scotty traveled across the country to promote his Daily Bread mixtape, setting up mini-hubs here in Houston, Los Angeles and his native land. All with the intent to dish out a little therapy to the world.

Scotty’s rap style isn’t built upon bludgeoning you to death with bars. The laid back rapper will only dip his toe in moments of anguish and pain when pushed that far. He’d rather wear big jewels and laugh when your girl plays his music over yours. Where his emotions lie is where the theme of his projects will go. SPAGHETTI Junction, F.A.I.T.H. & The Cooligan all offered different facets of the Georgia boy. Daily Bread continues the streak with its consistency and lucidness.

Light drums and chimes balance out the mood like wings on “So High” with JayDot Rain. Screeching tires and machine gun fire dampen the mood on “Bye Bye” with Ty Dolla $ign. One may not necessarily attribute guns and tires to a somber, “I miss my homies” record but it’s effective. “Broke my heart, just cried today,” Scotty raps as if he’s standing over a friend’s casket. He gets introspective and even inspirational all over Daily Bread though. Alleviating over the bullshit of life is what Scotty shoots for, almost regularly. KE On The Track punctures “M.Y.O.B” with an electronic piano melody and a call for real over fake. All of this operates in Scotty’s world, a something for everyone palate that’s more akin to daily life than anything.

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Atlanta’s been hit in different waves this year, both in terms of success and death. “Bye Bye” is a tribute to the late Bankroll Fresh. The city just lost Shawty Lo a few days ago. It’s not all mourning and pain though. Scotty’s looking up to the heavens to be positive and most importantly, influential to those around him.

“Some of the greatest rappers told their life stories,” Scotty ATL says of Daily Bread. “That’s what I’m doing. I’m giving people my real life, the good, the bad and the ugly.”

“It feels wonderful to get this project out of my body, mind, and spirit,” he continued. “I had to overcome a lot just to get it out. With this particular project I wanted for people to see my growth as an artist and as a lyricist, I wanted my fans to be able to follow the story of who I am as a person and I what went through.”

He’s right. There’s 11 different moments on Daily Bread that allows him to show it all. Scars, happiness, low points and ultimately, personal redemption. Take a piece for yourself and stream it below.

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