the healing component

Mick Jenkins’ debut album is available now.

At 25 years of age, Mick Jenkins is a pretty wise man. The Chicago native has been on a Spread Love campaign since the announcement of The Healing Component and today’s the big day. He’s already brought forth upon this continent a powerful video in “Drowning” and on The Healing Component, he’s showing the fractures and braces of a man constantly growing.

“When people talk about love you only think about the pretty parts, the romantic parts of love people don’t think about things like loving themselves and what that takes,” Jenkins says. “And that you have to know yourself to love yourself and how difficult of a battle that may be. I don’t think everybody even agrees on what love is or what love looks like, whether it be in the street or personally.”

The Healing Component‘s overarching theme is about love, God’s love to be specific. Jenkins believes that Jesus’ purpose while he was on Earth was to spread God’s love and the Chi-Town rapper aims to continue the mission. He still loves a few vices here and there, showing that he’s just as human as us all. The specifics of love, whether it be between friends, lovers or one within the faith is evident throughout The Healing Component. Now it’s on you to hear the message the Chicago standout is delivering.

Stream the 15-track album below via Apple Music. The Healing Component features guests such as BADBADNOTGOOD, Noname, KAYTRANADA, theMIND and more. Purchase it now via iTunes.