aaryn's interlude

Kirko gets introspective on “Aaryn’s Interlude”, the most poignant track off of ‘Back Flossin’

Kirko Bangz’ first video from his Back Flossin tape is one by his lonesome. “Aaryn’s Interlude” serves as a sharp detour from the rest of the content on the project as Kirk and Sound M.O.B. strip everything down to the ground. No covers, no large build up, just Kirko acting like that same kid with his headphones on at Prairie View A&M. He raps about wondering if his content should focus on the women or the election. Or should he serve his fan base or serve himself. Family members keep coming around; those once younger than him approaching the same age he decided what to do with life. It’s this part of Kirko that may be the best Kirko, and also the most unappreciated.

“I wanted to speak my truth on this song,” Kirko told XXL about the song.. “As an artist we have a duty of making records that keep our fan base happy as well as sticking with the times and a lot of times we don’t get to say how we are really feeling away from the girls cars jewelry parties typical things that we glorify. So I took this song as a chance to say how I’m really feeling. I did this song for me. I did this song for the people out there still fighting everyday battles. All from the heart.”

Watch the video below. Bangz’ ‘Back Flossin’ tour kicks off October 7th. Click here for dates.