the divine feminine

Mac Miller’s much-awaited The Divine Feminine LP is finally here.

The Divine Feminine may be the biggest album of Mac Miller’s career thus far. If not the biggest, it’s certainly the most promoted. Maybe that’s the power of love at work, as Feminine is all about matters of the heart in one way or another. Though our overseas friends got to experience it a day in advance, The Divine Feminine touched down stateside at midnight EST.

Though his fourth studio album is ten tracks deep, Mac Miller only holds down three of the LP’s songs solo. The remaining seven boast a singular feature apiece – whether it’s “My Favorite Part” with Miller’s real-life boo Ariana Grande; Kendrick Lamar on “God is Fair, Sexy, Nasty”; or Ty Dolla $ign featuring on “Cinderella” (and thus adding more muster to Dolla’s 2016 campaign leading up to Campaign). Bilal even joins Miller’s party on album intro “Congratulations.”

Unlike GOOD:AM and Watching Movies with the Sound Off, Divine sounds much smoother, stepping away from full-blown rappity-rap and moving instead towards soulful, flowing grooves. Miller himself even sings on certain songs (“My Favorite Part” being the foremost example). This can’t entirely be blamed on Mac’s burgeoning romance with Grande. Rather, there’s a confidence to it, a boldness even, that comes with being an emcee unafraid to try something different that goes against mostly everything you’ve put out before it. Whether Mac’s bringing love back to rap will win out, remains to be seen.

Stream Mac Miller’s The Divine Feminine album for yourself down below, by way of Spotify. The Divine Feminine is out now on iTunes.