big k.r.i.t. & kenneth whalum

Big K.R.I.T.’s first steps as a 30-year-old is bearing the cross for “Might Not Be Okay” with Kenneth Whalum.

There’s growing anguish in Big K.R.I.T’s voice on “Might Not Be Okay”. He and good friend Kenneth Whalum have collaborated before but not like this. Big K.R.I.T has vocalized pain and hope, but not like this. Over somber piano keys, K.R.I.T. stares closer into the darkness, the sense of hopelessness that washes over you when accountability never comes.

The black community, whether it be worldwide or just in Meridian, Mississippi can understand the frustrations. Circumstances bleak, violence and bloodshed and brutality almost as common as the morning sun. K.R.I.T.’s voice rises to a growl not heard from him in ages over Whalum’s keys and even more sobering vocals. They have an enemy and too many victims to not attack him head on. As the singer / composer / saxophonist’s melody lay the initial ground, K.R.I.T.’s pain echoes any crying family member who lost a loved one due to police brutality.

“This is a stand alone song that just came about organically from the both us,” Whalum told The Smoking Section. “We are both concerned about the realities we are facing as black men. This song was just the expression of those concerns.” Whalum’s played the background long enough. Now his solo career is finding even more footing, thanks to his talents and drive.

Hear “Might Not Be Okay” below and download the song for free here.

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