Sheath, the latest EP from musical trio Sonder, is a tour de force in lush melodies.

Sometimes good things come in threes. It’s fitting that Sonder – the trio of Brent Faiyaz, Dpat, and Atu – opted to release a trio of EPs to more formally introduce themselves to the public. Each EP, as well, contains only three songs.

Sheath follows Undone and Victoria as the third and final piece of Sonder’s “parts” series. And it’s possible that the trio saved the best for last.

Much like the two EPs before it, Sheath consists of layered instrumentation, songs that start out one way and evolve into something else over the course of their runtime. The foremost example of this? Standout cut “Slow Drag,” which damn near functions as three songs in one: the sensual, sway-and-slow dancing to start; sweeping strings in the middle; and lush, mood-setting synths that give way to yearning guitar strings in the song’s final moments. All this, as Faiyaz’s vocals rise and fall over its four-minute runtime.

Sonder benefits from two assists on Sheath. Producer Sango contributes to the sounds this time around. And emerging songbird Amber Olivier out of London appears as well. Olivier’s gorgeous vocals bless the last track, “One Unread,” which starts out seemingly drawing cues from Aaliyah’s “I Miss You” instrumentally. Faiyaz’s falsetto draws Amber out into the spotlight at the 1:35 mark, and the rest is easy to get lost in.

Through three EPs now, Sonder’s sound as a collective has been refreshing, intoxicating even. If we’re lucky, MORE “parts” will be yet to come.

For now, you can stream Sonder’s Sheath EP for yourself down below, and grab the project for the free here.