frenchy's chicken

Frenchy’s Chicken’s original Houston home may be no more.

Frenchy’s Chicken is a Houston staple. Anyone who’s ever ordered a King’s Special with a cup of red drink understands the seriousness of it. Ever since Frenchy’s expanded to multiple locations across the city and along multiple state lines, one thing cannot be disputed. The Original Frenchy’s Chicken home of 3919 Scott is home to the best piece of Houston oriented fried yard bird around.

That, may change pretty soon. Frenchy’s happens to sit on the same lot as the esteemed Wheeler Ave. Baptist Church. According to Wheeler Avenue‘s official website, there’s plans for a sanctuary to be built right where Frenchy’s currently stands. Per Swamplot, the church owners purchased the land on 3919 Scott St. this past summer.

Last year, Frenchy’s president Percy Cruezot III told the Houston Chronicle that the restauraunt chain would expand to over 500 locations across the country in the next 10 years. He also said that the original 3919 Scott St. location would be replaced with a bigger, more modern building.

Frenchy’s won’t be leaving the Third Ward area completely it seems. A Frenchy’s related organization called 3919 Scott Street purchased an entire city block near the corner of Scott & Hadley. So, Frenchy’s won’t be completely gone. But all your memories of walking to the 3919 Scott St. location if you either went to Jack Yates or the University of Houston may be.