all eyez on me trailer

The latest All Eyez On Me teaser trailer arrives on the 20th anniversary of 2Pac’s death.

For those people who peg them selves as patron saints of Tupac mythologizes, something irrevocable should happen on today, the 20th anniversary of his passing in Las Vegas. In regards to general culture, Tupac may be on the same plane as Bob Marley to some; an icon who made most of his conflicted bones in one lane yet means something in a multitude of others. This past June, director Benny Boom premiered the initial teaser trailer to the upcoming Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me. In the wee hours of the morning, he revealed a longer teaser trailer.

And it’s safe to say that the biopic may not necessarily be terrible after all.

Anyone who has followed the saga of All Eyez On Me knows that nailing Tupac himself would have been the hardest role of all. The rest of the pieces would fall into place and given a strong script plus very little in the way of filler and you’d have potentially a solid movie. Five (!) writers helmed this thing, potentially leaving no Tupac stone unturned. There’s plenty of spiritual conflict that outlines Boom’s latest cut of the film. We see Tupac (Demetrius Shipp, Jr.) in multiple facets, a reluctant leader of men when talking with his mom, an angst filled ghetto superman aiming for revenge. We see him embrace the Thug Life regalia of the mid-90s with shots at Dan Quayle and two middle fingers thrust in the air.

The rest of the clip? A wild descent into the hedonistic, violent and often turbulent madness that followed Tupac until his untimely death. Satisfied? Possibly. But the teaser trailers help calm skepticism. Here’s hoping a solid release date comes so we can grasp the final product.