Allow H.E.R. to introduce herself by way of her refreshing new R&B EP, Vol. 1.

Artists shrouded in mystery are becoming a thing in R&B again. DVSN kicked things off towards the close of 2015, riding that wave into 2016 and going so far as to get signed to Drake’s OVO imprint in the process. Now, there’s another unknown who’s about to make herself known. She calls herself simply “H.E.R.,” and is signed to RCA records.

H.E.R. unveiled her debut project, entitled H.E.R., Vol. 1, on Apple Music late last week; and although the project’s “release date” of sorts isn’t until September 16th, the EP can be streamed and purchased a week in advance.

Over the course of seven tracks, Vol. 1 has love as a common theme over the course of its seven tracks. H.E.R.’s vocals are smoky and hypnotizing; though she sounds young, she sounds wise, as well. That’s apparent from intro track “Losing,” on which H.E.R. laments the on-again, off-again relationship she has with her lover, showing her effort (“Been on my grind – I know that my schedule is busy/ but I always make sure I call you/ when I touch down in your city,” the singer croons) but being met with little to none in return. She makes a subtle reference to Aaliyah’s “At Your Best” cover by harmonizing “Let me know” on “Losing’s” bridge, too. She adopts a Drake-esque flow on “U,” re-evaluating her complicated loyalty over tinkling synths; the Drake similarities continue later on in the EP, when H.E.R. covers “Jungle,” adding a layer of vulnerability that the original was lacking.

But H.E.R. also oozes sexiness without overdoing it. On “Focus,” for example, H.E.R. slows things down and asks her boo to “focus on me,” her voice wavering between pleading and seducing. And outro cut “Pigment” has H.E.R. outlining her plans to put it down on her man; though it sounds more like spoken word than actually sung, it sets a mood and ensnares with ease. “Pigment,” in fact, is short enough to feel like a quickie, but perhaps proof positive of what H.E.R. can do “in just a couple seconds.”

“Vol. 1” in the EP’s title suggests this won’t be the only time listeners will hear from H.E.R. The mysterious new singer’s first impression is a damn good one, and as filling as it is to the ears, somehow, it still feels like an appetizer.

Stream H.E.R.’s H.E.R., Vol. 1 EP for yourself down below by way of Apple Music. H.E.R., Vol. 1 is out now on iTunes.