Nate Charity, two Space City Beat Battle alums have easily become the best producer duo in the state.

Nate Charity, a duo consisting of Charity Evaughn & Nate Coop seem like they’d be prime to be a neo-soul duo. That’s in another life. In this reality, they are two of the best producers who proclaim Texas to be home. Their union was forged merely by constantly going up against one another in the Space City Beat Battle. Coop, the San Antonio product who constantly found himself working within himself eventually found a kindred spirit in the Prairie View wondergirl.

Together, Nate Charity has not only added to the growing soundscape of Houston rap solo wise, they’ve also helped shape what the 2016 XXL Freshman class would sound like. It was these two who crafted the beat for Desiigner, Lil Dicky & Anderson .Paak to jump on in a cypher. Now from iStandard victories to New York domination, the duo present their latest effort – an instrumental EP titled Colors.

How Nate & Charity work is rather simple. Sometimes they’ll sit in a room and tinker with sounds or they’ll have a template and mold diamonds out of it. Did they see sounds in crafting the EP? Maybe so, maybe not. Thing is, Colors drifts between so many different vibes and emotions that you’ll fashion yourself a rapper by the end of it. Even if you don’t call rapping a hobby. Elevated drums, moody piano keys, laid back bass lines. There’s an edge to be found on Colors, all from the mind of Nate Charity. You can stream / purchase Colors via Soundcloud and purchase it on iTunes and all digital platforms now.