all access art show

Houston’s art scene expands even more with the All Access Art Show.

The All Access Art Show wants to curate a sort of style. A certain view of Houston that isn’t encased in a box nor could it possibly be contained to one. Using the HESS Club (5430 Westheimer) as event space is perfect for all potential vendors, art hounds, and men and women of general curosity. What does the All Access Art Show aim to pull off being on a Friday night with plenty of other things to do in Houston? They’ve bridged so many of Houston’s various scenes together.

Unlike a dry show at the MET, All Access links live music, a bar for patrons to not only get their drink on but food for them to soak it all in and more. There are over 15 featured artists set to display their work and vision at the show. Plus, there’s a selfie booth involved so that your friends can get an instant sense of FOMO. For full details on the All Access Art Show, see the full flyer below. Parking is free.

The All Access Art Show takes place September 16th from 7 PM to 12 AM at the Hess Club (5430 Westheimer Rd.)

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