yung knight mansa musa

Yung Knight & OneHunnidt discuss ancient Africa on “Mansa Musa”.

What do you know about Mansa Musa? The world’s richest man had accumulated wealth that equaled $400 billion. The problem about Mansa Musa is that he isn’t remembered in most history books. In order to give him justice, you need do research. Yung Knight & OneHunnidt have done plenty in preparation for “Mansa Musa” off Eleven 11. The rich, drum heavy self-produced track opens up for Yung Knight as he dreams of grabbing riches and success. OneHunnidt backdoors with a smooth 16 in praise of the Lion of Mali and his own affirmations of prosperity. “I had a dream that I was king, I think that’s a side effect of drinking lean,” Knight raps on “Mansa Musa”.

Stream the single below. YK’s Eleven 11 drops on November 11th.