nas album done

DJ Khaled has big budget ideas for “Nas Album Done” with Nas & Ox.

Know a plot twist from Belly that doesn’t get discussed much? Tommy (DMX) dealt with Ox personally. Sincere (Nas) never did. Yet Sincere still found out Ox got killed in that crazy shootout at his mansion. Luckily, that was a movie and the two real-life figures get to meet up in DJ Khaled’s “Nas Album Done” video.

Shot in Jamaica, Nas & Khaled brings it back to the feathers and culture, patrolling the country as a 1998 Esco-style mob bosses. Open Versace shirts, bottles sprayed all over the place, big cigars, bigger chains. Ox is too busy regaling Khaled of still being the biggest dog in Bolt country and Khaled’s too busy letting him know how much nobody wants them to win.

“Nas Album Done” is a triumphant record with a video that sort of matches the grandoisity. Anytime you hear the words “Nas rapping”, your ears should perk up. The moment Esco name dropped Bevel and declared himself a divine leader, Khaled’s album felt like an event. Yeah, getting an uneven Jay Z feature and Future chorus is one thing. Getting Nas to snort and prove that he’s had one of the more underrated “off” years of his career? A much, much bigger deal.

Khaled has all the reason in the world to recreate Belly. Here’s hoping he at least got Hype Williams’ blessing to do such a thing.