All it takes is a spark. Will Pharaoh is taking a new approach to discussing trending topics and getting them to a HIGHER platform with Brunch Blunt Episode 15. The first televised event of the 9th Annual Kush Olympics finds some very off-set characters to figure out who’s taking the gold in the Kush Olympics. This is the Flagship 5 shows that Will Pharaoh is broadcasting on his channel that you can subscribe too below. #Willpharaoh#KushOlympics #BrunchBlunt



Better known for his graphic designs, Will Pharaoh has become a social media rising star and is only getting bigger.
He began his Instagram career in late 2015. About half a year later, he has risen from small numbers to 34,000 followers on Instagram.
Currently Will Pharaoh continues his career as an Actor, Designer, and Entrepreneur
Pharaoh recently began his collaborations with Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital group and more.

Executive Producer: Trevor Piper @tpipermedia
Produced by: Will Pharaoh
Edited By: Will Pharaoh
Music by: Hanz Nobe @hanznobe