kanye west tyga

Tyga signing to G.O.O.D Music is ain’t shit nepotism at its finest.

By now you have heard that Tyga  is going to be part of G.O.O.D Music. The head scratching news came last night during a G.O.O.D Music pop up concert in New York. The bigger, more promising news of Kanye also signing Migos got lost in the fray. Actually, I’m sure that conversation went with Kanye wanting to just sign Quavo but I digress.

West’s adherence to wanting a family hasn’t been lost in his music or in his personal life. Him wedding into America’s most publicized and photographed family makes total sense. Remember, the first family of Calabasas have an entire damn channel dedicated to them. But Tyga? The same Tyga whose relationship with West’s sister-in-law Kylie Jenner made the Chicago rapper/producer say, “He got it in early” on The Breakfast Club last year? That’s merely giving an ain’t shit member of your family a kickback to keep them upright.

Musically, Tyga hasn’t been worth much. He somehow found life with two singles in “Rack City” and “Faded” and was seen as a medium to shrug-level worthy rapper. A guy who released albums as an afterthought on bigger labels or appeared on comp label projects. Far too annoying, far inferior in the talent pool. And outside of his scheming, plotting, sleazy way to burrow into the Kardashian clan, his biggest claim to fame was being Blac Chyna’s baby daddy.

That changed with him dating an underage girl and everyone in the family being cool with it. That also changed with him constantly getting things repossessed, eviction notices and album’s selling the equivalent of balsa wood.

I understand doing a favor for family but giving Tyga a job only enables him to continue his ain’t shit ways. And Kanye – already a king of enabling ain’t shit things is stuck with it.