collateral beauty

Collateral Beauty features an all-star cast questioning the connection of love, time & death.

Will Smith’s latest film Collateral Beauty plays up to a Will Smith movie of the past. It was Seven Pounds in which Smith undertook a task of replenishing the universe after suffering a catastrophic loss. Now he’s busy tempting fate yet again, this time alongside a cast that includes Helen Mirren, Edward Norton Kate Winslet, Michael Peña, Jacob Latimore & Kiera Knightly.

Overcome by grief (or what was the critical thrashing of Suicide Squad), Smith’s character Howard begins writing letters to the universe. Someone hears him and what appears to be the tantamount of Death (Mirren), Time (Latimore) and Love (Knightly) appear before him. Soon, explaining all of that to his friends (Norton, Winslet) becomes crazy. They don’t believe him yet they want better for him. Smith can still pull off anguish and hurt better than anybody in film and losing a child? That’ll grab anyone’s attention. It’s a clever story that feels a bit like A Christmas Carol to a degree. An inventive story, an ensemble cast of big names, it screams Christmas dramedy prestige film.

Collateral Beauty, directed by The Devil Wears Prada’s David Frankel and written by Allen Loeb lands on December 16th.

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