Drake loses Tyra Banks, drowns his sorrows in H-Town for “Child’s Play”.

Drake spent his Saturday night in Houston for night one of two Summer Sixteen Tour performances. For the rest of the world that didn’t follow the show, he had a gift for them as well. Via Apple Music, Drake released the video to “Child’s Play”, the first video of any single from April’s mammoth Views album. “Child’s Play” is more short film than video. The video opens with Drake hilariously and dramatically getting broken up all because he left his phone at the dinner table.

True to the lyrics, Drake gets into an argument at Cheesecake Factory with Tyra Banks, who plays his girlfriend. Soon the argument gets loud enough for other patrons to hear and Banks naturally flips out. What dooms Drake? The old, “I was in the studio working late” lie. Its not before long that Banks reaches her breaking point, “these bitches call you Drake, she called you Aubrey!”. In the Spliff TV co-directed clip, she shoves a piece of cheesecake in Drake’s face and pours wine on him. Consequently, the legendary model leaves him to literally rap the first half of “Child’s Play” with cake on his face.

Elsewhere in the video, OB Obrien helps wrangle in some strippers at V-Live alongside DJ Eric. Obrien plays “Texas Hammer, Jr.” a play on noted Houston lawyer Jim Adler. “Child’s Play” looks to be the first of many Drake videos to be released from Views. A short film, Please Forgive Me is slated to be released at the end of the month.