NBA 2K17’s MyCAREER mode is deeper than ever.

We’re inching closer and closer to the release of NBA 2K17. Every major blog 2K releases, something bigger gets announced. From improved gameplay to controls and even “The Prelude”, 2K’s been hard at work showing the world that even if they’re the number one basketball game on the planet, they still can be better.

Early Friday, Ben Bishop, Visual Concepts Senior Developer revealed the one blog ever 2K diehard was anticipating, information about MyCAREER mode. Last year, the game ventured heavily into narrative territory via Spike Lee’s “Livin’ Da Dream” storyline. This year, there’s even more of a “Hollywood” feel to it, thanks to Michael B. Jordan & Hannibal Buress.

Yes, that’s Buress in the lead image as your barber, Ice. Yes, that’s Jordan seated next to you and both of them play integral parts in the rise of your player. Jordan plays Justice Young, a second round pick drafted to your team with a chip on his shoulder. 2K originally thought of 2K17 with dynamic duos in mind. Like Steph/Klay, LeBron/Kyrie, Durant/Westbrook – now you get to have your own. The controls in MyCAREER mode this go round finally allow you to switch over and play as someone else, Justice to allow yourself easier baskets.

The cast of characters in NBA 2K17 are quite important to your development as a player both on and off the court. Stay in the gym with Justice and you two will develop a stronger bond and play better. Be more outspoken in press conferences and the feeling will be you’re gunning for yourself as opposed to helping the team win. The more you and Justice develop chemistry, nicknamed “Orange Juice” in the game, the more in sync you’ll be on the court and leading your team to wins.


We Talkin’ Practice? Practice?

Even though The Prelude serves as the official demo to NBA 2K17 (with Kobe Bryant telling you he’d lace ’em up again if you are more HOF worthy than he is), practice is where your MyPlayer becomes great. Branched under Doin’ Work (thanks Kobe), your player gains additional progress to upgrading attribute slots and more. Doesn’t matter if it’s in live practice, working with Justice or even on MyCourt, the Doin’ Work meter continually tracks your progress to becoming a 99 overall.

Speaking of 99 overall, NBA 2K17 made it ideal that the RPG aspect of MyCareer mode was far more fleshed out. Instead of being limited to an inside or outside scorer like 2K16, NBA 2K17 has added different archetypes for players that you’ll see on the player creation screen. No two players are going to be alike, giving players far more individuality. The individuality plays a key role in relationships off the court such as AI where what you say and do have far more repercussions than ever before.

For instance: shoe deals & endorsements. In previous 2K entries with MyCareer, you had to bust your butt for an entire season or more to even get noticed by Nike or Adidas. In 2K17, that all changes. You can sign with a shoe brand before you even step foot on the court, just like real-life rookies. Four different shoe brands (Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Jordan) and with the way endorsements work this year, different tier levels open up different shoes. One tier may give you one shoe while the highest tier may give you an entire collection (see Nike and all 24 Kobe Bryant’s kicks). The choice is yours.

The Living World

MyCOURT has also improved vastly. Instead of simple backgrounds representing your favorite team, there are full on murals dedicated to teams, legends and more. You can earn up to three different courts with a wide range of court floors and other accessories to trick out. Remember how I said text interactions were key this year in giving your player more freedom and a Choose Your Own Adventure storyline? That plays into MyCourt as well. Build up enough rep with say Karl Anthony-Towns or Paul George and they’ll swing by and either shootaround with you or play you in 1-on-1.


Everybody’s watching how you play. Endorsers wanting to sign the next superstar after he dunked on Kevin Durant for leaving OKC, teammates looking to win and more. There are nine different commentary combinations in 2K17 with both Doris Burke & David Aldridge handling sideline duty. Ball out and you’ll speak with one of them. Or, do something crazy enough and you’ll be speaking remote with Kenny & Shaq back in the studio. NBA 2K seems to be the only world where multiple spaces in real life can combine to offer a real-life look into the NBA. If Turner & ESPN can’t get along, 2K will surely do their best to make it happen in the video game realm.

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