JMSN creates Pearl, another soulful moniker and drops a new album.

Every time JMSN arrives to a city for a performance, someone catches an experience. Christian Berishaj, the singer-songwriter and producer however has lived under the JMSN moniker for years. He may have reached a new peak with May’s it is album. So he turned down his falsetto & R&B nature and created Pearl. On Pearl’s new album Closer, Berishaj implements plenty of soulful yet aggressive R&B cuts to swing his creative process. The reasoning behind creating Pearl was simple for Berishaj, there’s even some limits that his electronic one couldn’t approach.

“I started Pearl to have another creative outlet besides JMSN. White Room Records is about freedom. Be what you want to be,” JSMN told The FADER. On records such as “A Sign”, his original persona creeks out a bit with the vocals but the swaying, hypnotic production is layered nuanced rock in some aspects.

Stream Closer below via Berishaj’s White Room Records imprint. Guests include King avriel, Alexa Demie, Sara Z, Elizabeth Jeanette & more. Closer will be out for purchase tomorrow, September 1st.