2K Sports & NBA 2K17 premiere the first MyCAREER trailer: The Prelude

NBA 2K17 has already rolled out its initial gameplay trailer. Now sports’ best RPG aspect gets its own lead trailer and gives 2K fans another early start to playing the game. Titled The Prelude, 2K takes the college aspect of last year’s Livin’ Da Dream MyCAREER and uses it as an extension to the game.

Players will once more go through the tedious process of creating their avatar-style baller but there’s far more customization here. Your play style, an aspect that was missing from earlier next-gen 2K titles is back. There’s greater emphasis on height mattering when it comes to other tendencies such as speed, shooting and more. It’s unclear if certain schools that were in 2K16 such as UCLA & Texas are in this year’s edition.

2K added five new schools to the party including Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan State & Wake Forest. Last year’s big schools such as Kansas, Georgetown, Arizona, Louisville & UCONN all make their way back into 2K17. If you’re looking to play The Prelude ahead of NBA 2K17, the add-on will be available on PS4 and XBOX Live beginning Septmeber 9th.

NBA 2K17 hits retailers on September 16th for those who pre-ordered the game. It hits retail for everybody on September 20th. See “The Prelude” trailer below.