Ye Ali adds his name to the list of Trap Soul creators with Traphouse Jodeci

Ye Ali is an Indiana kid who headed to Los Angeles with more than a dream. He broke through a year ago with “Thigh Kisser” and has been continuing the flow with a series of bedroom bangers. Collaboration, speaking little, keeping the stove hot with sensual music. Ye Ali’s made it certain that the anticipation for Traphouse Jodeci was all about the bedroom. Now that it’s here, it’s a sonic explosion of both old and new.

Traphouse Jodeci sees the majority of its production in the hands of Bizness Boi & Th3ory. Da Internz, Cardiak, DJ Swish also contribute. Outside of K-Camp on “What To Do” and K. Forest on “Flights & Breakups,” Traphouse Jodeci is a Ye Ali affair. Moving out to a land of hedonism opened up his mind something vicious. His music has not only seen him play voyeur but also lead director and cheerleader. The best aspects of Traphouse Jodeci are the little nods it takes towards the past. “Menu” lifts a bit from Eugene Wilde’s “Got To Get You Home Tonight” with similar sentiments. The drums warble and knock in the same ’90s Timbaland fashion, making bedroom noises as open and insular. Much like dvsn’s Sept 10th. album, Ye Ali curated all of his emotions towards satisfaction. Heartbreak barely breathes his lips. He wants to be happy. Even if carnal pleasure his strong suite so far.

You can stream Traphouse Jodeci here or below via Soundcloud.